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  • Hardcover
  • 288
  • The Swarm Descends
  • Jacob Grey
  • English
  • 10 February 2018
  • 9780062321060

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Characters Ç The Swarm Descends 109 St use every ounce of courage and every friend he can find to face off against some truly terrifying Ferals Dark family secrets will be revealed – and he will learn to be very careful about who to trus. I disliked reading the second book of the Ferals series uite a bit actually The main idea of the book was lost on me and I couldn t even tell what the whole point was The addition of Silena Davenport wasn t exciting but of a drab decision She and Lyndia fought and argued so much it was like the tale of a love triangle rather than a fantasy adventure The fact that Caw didn t realize that the two girls must ve liked him was lame I mean come on Two girls hanging out with a guy there s got to be some drama there Even without adding Silena the traitor in the book would ve been a bit of an add on then a new adventure Yes the Spinning Man was gone but oh no There was a new threat sweeping across the nation called the Mother of Flies How s that for an ominous name Then the whole thing with the Midnight Stone Can t a book have a name for something evil without making it so uncool sounding and typical The whole point of a new book is to fill someone with something and I bet they aren t hoping to fill someone with a type of expected boredom

Characters The Swarm DescendsThe Swarm Descends

Characters Ç The Swarm Descends 109 Er free of the darkness that had stalked Blackstone for so long But there’s a new villain in town – and the Mother of Flies will stop at nothing to make crime corruption and chaos descend once Caw mu. so here i am with the second bookGod i never know how to start a review okay i ll start with saying that The Swarm Descends was as lovely as Ferals the first book we had a new crow i still love Screech though well it was nothing complex as yummy and cup cakey as the previous book and sometimes through the book i felt the lack of depth you know like background for the events or people in the story also some parts it didn t feel psychologically correct some reactions were a little shallow i ll give you a for instance imagine after about 20 years you tell your wifehusband you can talk to animals no one gets angry right away at first they might laugh for a bit then ask you about your health then they might become reaaally amazed at your powers and after a considerably long period of understanding and asking uestions and stuff like that they d get angry at you for not sharing i m not really sure but in my experience people usually react like that they don t adapt that fast this part of the story bugged me a little but other than that i really liked italso when i first started the series i called dibs on the ability to talk to bats someone else got it

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Characters Ç The Swarm Descends 109 The second book in this gripping high impact high energy new seriesAfter the Spinning Man was banished to the Land of the Dead in an epic struggle between good and evil Ferals Caw’s life has become saf. I m about to share spoilers hereI really enjoyed the first book but futher the story gets even better More devious villains slightly complexed characters and even animals to meet I know it s middle grade read but I enjoyed it so much As the Caw adventures continue you see how strong that boy want to do good He is so loyal to both of his homeless friends and his crow Lydia as well Yet this poor orphan is so fast to trust people and he wants nothing than family I think that s why he trusted Selina over and over again Even when she betrayed them several times Caw chooses to find good in people if there is any of that Also I admire how he was ready to die to save a Midnight stone just because it s his family legacy And even then the boy did anything he could to protect Lydia and Selina even his crow I just think that Caw is a good role model not even for boys but for girls as well Moreover this book shows strong young girls not let them just swing in the back And it s not just them Every character is one of the kind have hisher own charm and makes you remember them I think even it s a series for younger audience story is well thought Characters build beautifully and nothing feels out of order Both villains and good talkers seems eually strong and because of that sorry don t get boring So if you love fantasy give this 13th year old crow talker a chance and read about his adventures I loved it maybe you will too