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Nightingales Nest Free read ☆ 106 He melody and finds not a bird but a young girl sitting in the branches of a tall syca tree There’s something magical about this girl Gayle especially her soaring singing voice and Little John’s friendship with Gayle uickly becomes the one bright spot in his life for his home is dominated by sorrow over his sister’s death and his parents’ ever tightening financial. This is going to be one of those times when I read a book that everyone else seems to love and I just don t get it Riddled with sadness and ambiguity I didn t truly enjoy the story at all The closest I could come to liking this book was appreciating that author Nikki Loftin created something unusual and touching There s a lot of good stuff here but it didn t come together in a meaningful way for this reader The writing was only so so and the symbolism heavy handed Still here we goLittle John is a boy in a lamentable situation His little sister recently died in a tragic accident He s estranged from his best friend because he s too proud to admit that his family is nearing poverty and falling apart Little John s teachers make him feel stupid his mother makes him feel invisible and his father treats him like a hired hand Enter a mysterious new girl who s taken in as a foster child by the awful Cutlin family in the same small town where Little John lives She calls herself Gayle though the Cutlins insist her name is Suzie She reminds Little John of his sister because she s small and feisty but her most marked characteristic is her beyond beautiful singing voice and belief in her own magical abilities Little John and Gayle become friends He tries to protect her and at the same time can t resist extorting her for money that his family desperately needs The villain here is Mr King the richest man in town Known by town folk as The Emperor Mr King is obsessed with recording Gayle s voice to add to his collection His villainous ualities are ambiguous though Gayle fears him and is traumatized by his presence but why We don t exactly know She says he s like a crow Little John has a built in reason to loathe King his father is employed by Mr King and resents him for being haughty and rich The plot is driven by something you know is going to happen even though it seems so unlikely Gayle makes Little John promise to protect her tree and her nest because she believes her parents will use these as beacons to find her but it s somehow inevitable that Little John will break his promise It also seemed inevitable to me that Little John would redeem himself Just a few other details to mention 1 Little John lives five miles from Mr King and the Cutlins In the heat of summer he runs those five miles ten round trip so many times At first it s portrayed as a difficult journey for Little John but then it becomes something he just does without comment I thought this was convenient for the plot and not very believable 2 It also bothered me that Raelynn s death was set up as a something the family still needed to deal with but in the end they went around the issue instead of through it 3 I m not a fan of stories that end with poor people conveniently coming into a lot of money and voila Everything s better Also view spoilerit would ve made sense for Mr King to leave all his money to Gayle instead of Little John It s like Gayle was a just a tool that Little John controlled I would ve liked to understand the relationship between Gayle and Mr King better hide spoiler

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Nightingales Nest Free read ☆ 106 A powerful novel about friendship and family that calls to mind Bridge to Terabithia Twelve year old John Fischer Jr or Little John as he’s always been known is spending his summer helping his father with his tree removal business clearing brush for Mr King the wealthy owner of a chain of Texas dollar stores when he hears a beautiful song that transfixes him He follows t. this is a beautiful story about friendship and redemption little john tries to make it right by gayle and his family it is also a story about religion and God i do enjoy this book but not floor by it

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Nightingales Nest Free read ☆ 106 Difficulties But then Mr King draws Little John into an impossible choice forced to choose between his family’s survival and a betrayal of Gayle that puts her future in jeopardy Inspired by a Hans Christian Andersen story Nightingale's Nest is an unforgettable novel about a boy with the weight of the world on his shoulders and a girl with the gift of healing in her voice. A uniue example of magical realism for middle grades that manages to ground itself in authentic emotions and the too rarely seen reality of poverty Little John is an entirely sympathetic conflicted character forced to make tough decisions and worrying too much about grown up problems While the adults in his life seem to fail him they all have hidden complexity and even the Emperor vaccilates between appearing evil and pitiable And Gale steers away from being too angelic full of all the pouts and personality of a real young child The blend of magic and reality is well balanced and this reader had no trouble believing in the few magical elements I found the rather tidy ending to be in keeping with the fairy tale sensibility This is a world that needs a bit of magic While the story overall centers on financial struggles the lingering effects of tragedy and loss and the sometimes harsh reality of life even for children Little John and Gale s connection the still strong strands of old friendships the concern and assistance that comes from neighbors and the magic of Gale s escape keep the story ultimately hopeful and uplifting Original and thought provoking Chelsea