EBOOK Ninth Grade Slays The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod #2

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  • Ninth Grade Slays The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod #2
  • Heather Brewer
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  • 09 June 2020
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Ninth Grade Slays The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod #2 Read & Download ½ 100 Ia gives study abroad a whole new meaning as Vlad connects with other vampires and advances his mind control abilities but will he return home with the skills to recognize. It was filled with blood and gore to make a young horror fan happy Still don t get the humor I guess it is for a teen boy That said I found the series troubling after the second book My problem is the book only skims the vampire world and its code It does not provide a lot of details why the audience shouldn t be on the slayers side Though the vampire may be nice people to talk with There is no getting around what they feed on Darren Shan did provide a dividing line between the good and bad vampires In his books you also spent enough time in the vampire world to gain an understanding of how they think I also find it troubling that the author disvows some of the vampire myths but keep others The author is trying to play a halfway game of fantasy vampire and real Example crosses don t work but vampire can turn into animals and live forever These vampire can also walk in the daylightYes I know the book is about vampires but there are better ways of dealing with the vampire abilties I got the feeling the author should of either gone totally realistic like Darren Shan long life span not forever no magic powers just added strength and speed or stayed with the fantasy like in the Vampire Plagues Mixing left the book in a confused state of are we in reality or notThis could also be a problem because we are in the vampire s head and in modern day In the Vampire Plagues we are in the slayers point of veiw so having an all powerful creature of darkness worked It also took place in the past when such things were thought possible In Shan s Cirue Du Freak we are in the young vampire s mind Powers are limited to what is humanly possible and we are in modern day The book also moves too uickly from one point to another An idea is brought up and then dropped until the author can get back to itNot the worst book I ever read Should be enjoyable for horror fans but not first rate either The second book left me uncomfortable enough that I doubt I will go further with this series I ll stay with Shusterman and Shan The book also is trying to redo Shan s idea in Cirue Du Freak of an all powerful creature that will take over the world But without the a great devil like Des Tiny

Read & Download Ninth Grade Slays The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod #2Ninth Grade Slays The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod #2

Ninth Grade Slays The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod #2 Read & Download ½ 100 Freshman year stinks for Vlad Tod Bullies still harass him The photographer from the school newspaper is tailing him And failing his studies could be deadly A trip to Siber. If you aren t familiar with the series Vladimir Tod or Vlad is a uniue guy He is half human half vampire Living in the small town of Bathory a fictitious town and not sure if purposeful but shares a name with a Swedish heavy metal band but likely a reference to one of the bloodiest serial killers in history who legend says believed that bathing in the blood of virgins would keep her young and beautiful this is probably not true but she did torture and murder at least 80 peopleAnywho no one in the town excpet for aunt Nelly and his best frienddrudge Henry caused by an accidental biting know what he truly is A few years ago Vlad s parents died in a mysterious fire that consumed them yet left the rest of the house in tact Vlad doesn t bite people but he does drink blood Aunt Nelly brings them home from work and stores them in the freezer for him Blood slushies yumA nice follow up to the first book 8th Grade Bites I m a stickler for reading series in order but I think this is one of those you do need to read in the correct orderFilled with the same snarky and sometimes ironic humor that was present in the first It s got great references to vampires in pop culture look and you will see And as in the first book Vlad is learning to deal with his vampiric nature while be chased by bullies and crushing on the beautiful Meredith although in this book he is pretty sure she likes him too Now he also has to worry about being outed by the school newspaper photographer he gains a new friend while training in a super secret vampire compound in Siberia he learns what his role may be in a major vampire prophecy and lastly a shocking plot twist is revealedI love the little humorous bits like the moment in the lunch room when a classmate grabs a ho ho from his lunch and bites into it only to get a mouthful of a blood capsule hidden on the inside how else is supposed to get proper nutrition He had to think fast to explain that oneGreat for Middle High Schools any one who loves vampire books for readers seeking an alternative to the love mush of TwilightOther books to readSuck It Up

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Ninth Grade Slays The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod #2 Read & Download ½ 100 A vampire slayer when he sees one In this thrilling seuel to Eighth Grade Bites Vlad must confront the secrets of the past and battle forces that once again threaten his li. I lovedloved this book I enjoyed the first one but this one was even better I can t wait for the third books to come out this summer Heather Brewer s writing is witty thoughtful and humorous When I read the the first book I thought maybe it was for boys than girls I was wrong I think anyone can relate to the emotions of growing up trying to figure out who you are and loyalty I think these books are fantastic I also helps the all the characters are likable Too bad I m not still a teenager because Vlad and Henry sound hell of cute