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  • The Essex Serpent
  • Sarah Perry
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  • 14 June 2018
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characters The Essex Serpent free read The Essex Serpent 100 London 1893 Cora Seaborne är fortfarande ung men har just blivit änka och nu förväntar sig omgivningen att hon ska snöra åt korsetten klä sig i svart och dra sig tillbaka med en knähund i famnen Men äktenskapet var inte särskilt lyckligt och rollen som viktoriansk societetsfru passade aldrig den eg. Late Victorian England Cora Seaborne newly widowed by a sadistic but wealthy husband and now free to follow her interests in palaeontology finds herself in the Essex village of Aldwinter where rumours of a sea serpent lurking in the always conveniently foggy bay have the locals in a superstitious tizz There she meets local vicar Will Ransome and the two form an instant rapport despite their supposedly opposing views and despite the fact that the vicar already has a wife and children But then Will s wife coughs and instantly if you ve ever seen any costume drama ever you know what s going to happen to herI have to say that for me The Essex Serpent never really came alive as a novel It had potentially interesting characters but they were never uite convincing Perhaps because they were all too nice to one another Will s wife was way too understanding and the few tensions between them seemed like a failed attempt to liven things up rather than a genuine outgrowth of the characters themselves In her Author s Note at the end of the book Sarah Perry mentions Matthew Sweet s Inventing the Victorians for its challenge to the notion of a prudish era enslaved by religion and incomprehensible manners but I suspect it s that version of the Victorian Age readers want from a Victorian era novel so any author wanting to counter that view of the age really has to do a bit of extra work As a result Perry s Victorian age doesn t uite convince everyone was far too nice and understanding instead of being gossipy a married vicar carrying on with a widow disapproving and censorious Why else set the book in the Victorian Age at all Just for the costumesThat wouldn t have mattered had the book had a compelling plot or if it had explored any one of its incipient themes in detail I was expecting about the clash between superstition and rationality which was surely what was promised by the meeting of scientific Cora was she going to be the Serpent in this Essex Eden and religious Will but Will simply wasn t religious enough most of the time Or even had there been a genuine lingering air of weirdness or mystery about the serpent So for me the book never really turned into a novel but just remained a collection of characters bumping into one another In costume

characters The Essex Serpent

The Essex Serpent

characters The Essex Serpent free read The Essex Serpent 100 KalbefolkningenCoras teori är att det rör sig om en oupptäckt art som hon är fast besluten att hitta och klassificera Hon finner en oväntad vän och intellektuell jämlike i traktens präst William Ransome Tillsammans söker de svaret på gåtan samtidigt som Will och Cora oundvikligen dras till varandr. What a surprisingly charming bookNominated for both The Women s Prize and The Costa Book Award The Essex Serpent is a beautifully written book Set in 1893 Essex England we meet Cora Seaborne recently and happily widowed and William Ransome the town vicor who is dealing with rumors and superstition of a returning mythical Essex Serpent Cora an amateur naturalist develops such an interesting friendship with William Ransome At odds with each other and always with opposing views science vs religion they entertain us with their sharp dialogue Their repertoire is fascinating and at times uite hilariousSarah Penny s book has everything to offer from a well thought out plot excellent character development and humorous dialogueHighly recommend45 out of 5 stars

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characters The Essex Serpent free read The Essex Serpent 100 Ensinniga och frihetstörstande CoraHon bestämmer sig för att lämna storstaden för landsbygden i Essex tillsammans med sin socialistiskt orienterade väninna Martha och sin mycket speciella son Francis De hamnar i den lilla staden Colchester där rykten om ett mystiskt odjur har skapat masshysteri hos lo. We are cleaved together we are cleaved apart everything that draws me to you is everything that drives me away How I loved holding this book in my hands with the gorgeous William Morris cover and the soft uneven deckle edged pages While perusing this lovely volume I revelled in the gothic atmosphere I looked forward to the intimate letters and notes sprinkled throughout the narrative I was intrigued by the mystery of the serpent the palpable fear of those in the damp mossy seaside village of Aldwinter Not to mention the writing oh the writingAnd I loved the characters All of them from the hunched brilliant surgeon Luke Garrett to the enlightened and captivating star fairy Stella Ransome I even felt for the plight of the miserable knife wielding attacker Samuel Hall The humanity of each character shone throughI didn t want to put the book down but now that I have finished it so uickly I am a little remorseful it is over and I am yanked out of this alluring world This world in which the natural and spiritual battle against each other uselessly Where love whether unreuited divisive undefined or wrong remains nonetheless a jewel that cannot be ignored or apologised for In this world women are beautiful and wise or they cast away their beauty and refused to be defined that way or they have important things to do in their lives than chase beauty and its rewards In this world there is a Victorian consumptive a legend of Loch Ness proportions that sends children into terrifying hysterics and a dark and impoverished London in the backdrop But am I really that far from the world Sarah Perry created It s true that people in this story gaze at sea treasures and wildflowers instead of their smartphones Other than that she created a truly accessible tale with themes and situations that are modern than one might have imagined in this gothic Victorian book that boasts the spectres of Stoker Shelley Collins and DickensFear is the serpent that slithers throughout this book s pages Fear of a monster yes But also all the secret fears that lie in our hearts The serpent mirrors our innate terror of death of what slinks damply hidden in the fog It mimics a phallic shape in matters of passion and its frightening conseuences It s the awful suspicion that one is alone and unseen leaving no prints and with nothing tethering one to the surface of the earth It is fear of our spiritual path or lack of oneThis book does not provide answers just a platform for the human heart cleaved and oh it is such a beautiful thing to behold