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  • 06 November 2020
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Maigret hésite Free read Î 100 Ace the letters back to their source before it is too latePenguin is publishing the entire series of Maigret novels in new translations'His artistry is supreme' John Banville'One of the g. Clearly not my favorite Maigret I thought it stretched an idea that wasn t sufficiently interesting to begin with Skip this one there are plenty to choose from

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Maigret hésite Free read Î 100 Inspector Maigret receives a series of letters warning of a murder that is going to take place The letters do not reveal who will die when it will happen or who will do it Maigret must tr. I suppose someone like Simenon who wrote so many Maigret detective stories would have introduced a number of variations to the simple murder mysteryReading the series in the publication order of the original books you get a sense of perspectivePenguin Classics have ensured that new translations have been made of each title so each story comes to you almost as freshIt is amazing that the police procedural has not become stale Sure there are familiar aspects his boys his favoured detectives His pipe and need to ground himself through time spent with his wifeMaigret Hesitates is an example of the author presenting something fresh A variation on the theme that others have subseuently copied or developedIn this novel Maigret is involved with the family before the murder is committed responding to the threat via anonymous lettersHe hopes through his involvement that he can prevent a crime deter such a drastic outcome He is certain after two days spent with the family employees and servant that within the group is the letter writer a murderer and potential victim Yet in this back to front and inverted case he has not sense of achievement just foreboding and a troubled moodI loved this dilemma Maigret is faced with Is it a hoax Does the murderer want to be stopped It makes for a different emphasis and makes our detective and therefore the reader to think and act in less formulaic waysYet the richness of these stories is still all here The weather and how this effects the people the actions characters undertake and what people wear Maigret s meals and love of fine food but mostly simple earthy dishes from sea or field The drinks the detective takes yet remaining sober on the jobAlso Simenon is adding reflective pieces within his writing about preparing for retirement the best aspects of the job and Maigret s own career choicesThese layers are subtle but they imbue a sense of life and originality that means these stories remain fresh and entertaining so many years later

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Maigret hésite Free read Î 100 Reatest writers of the twentieth century Simenon was uneualled at making us look inside though the ability was masked by his brilliance at absorbing us obsessively in his stories' Guardia. I love Maigret and I love the genre so it s a biased review from me Beautifully crafted and suspenseful I could have done with the story being a little rounded it did seem to tie up relatively uickly for a Maigret and I felt a couple of the minor characters could have been brought into play a bit Simenon is so good at building character layer by layer and this could have been developed a bit but maybe that s because I just want to read Maigret