NEW 妓楼の戀水 ☆ Venio Tachibana

  • Paperback
  • 200
  • 妓楼の戀水
  • Venio Tachibana
  • English
  • 25 January 2018
  • 9781569700495

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FREE DOWNLOAD ð 妓楼の戀水 In the intricately mannered world of an Osaka brothel in Meiji era Japan Misao a beautiful male servant can only dream of a time when he can earn enough money to pay his debt to the brothel and escape his servitude Into his small stifling world comes Masaomi Towa the handsome. might contain spoilersThis is a sweet and tender romance novel set in a historical time The writing and illustrations evoked a very gentle emotion in me as I read and it was only enhanced by the innocence of Misao s and Towa s feelings for each other Misao works in a brothel due to circumstances he has no choice but to work off a debt in order to gain his freedom Because of his upbringing he has learned to hide his true self and finds ways to earn a little extra money by flirting mildly with patrons without using his body There s this feeling of dispassion in him until he meets Towa Without realizing why Misao opens up to Towa who is there for someone else and has a certain naivete about the inner workings of a brothel Towa a businessman is honest and straightforward because of Misao s initial approach and assistance in understanding the rules and culture of the Tea House seeks his companionshipThis story was a delight to read The basic history of the brothels was detailed enough to understand but doesn t cloud over the plot it brought to mind Memoirs of a Geisha The characters are well written and likeable even the annoying Katsuragi I was happy to read in the postscript that there might be another story linked to this one in the future

SUMMARY 妓楼の戀水妓楼の戀水

FREE DOWNLOAD ð 妓楼の戀水 Igumo the brothel’s beautiful head courtesan Will Misao’s deepest desire come true or will the cruel reality of the brothel destroy his dream of loveVenio Tachibana’s beautifully rendered portrait of Meiji Japan evokes an era gone by Includes illustrations by Tooko Miya. Very Interesting read Very in depth and there was a plot turn at the end that I 100% did not expect at all The plot itself was very confusing for me as it was for Misao


FREE DOWNLOAD ð 妓楼の戀水 And wealthy heir to a corporation and a newcomer to the rules of the pleasure district Masaomi’s sincerity and kindness penetrate through Misao’s practiced cynicism and Misao finds his heart captured by love for the first time But Masaomi has come calling to meet with Uk. It has passed some time since I was captivated by a book in such way It was beautiful in so many ways the story was heart broking the illustrations breath taken and the characters were so realistic and easy loving specially Katsuragi who I find very interestingVenio Tachibana surely has talent and knows how to captivated peoples hearts with her exuisite love stories