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  • Bedford Suare
  • Anne Perry
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  • 23 October 2018
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Read & Download Bedford Suare â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ed to possess a snuff box that had recently graced the general's study Pitt and his clever wife Charlott. Some people complain that her books are long and slow This is true so I just settle in and enjoy the ride Her books are complex the plot takes a long time to unfold as clues are gathered and discarded by the characters Fast books are fun but so are slow ones that can be enjoyed and savored This one had a finite set of gentlemen being blackmailed It took a long to realize what they had in common because at first glance it didn t seem to be much As Pitt and Tellman doggedly work the case they unpeel layers until the final reveal Charlotte and Gracie help and my fav character Aunt Vespasia has a large role Lots of great period detail as always and a fine story

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Read & Download Bedford Suare â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook E must tread lightly while probing this masterpiece of evil The book contains an interview with the auth. Anne Perry s books are a slow burn read and as you progress into her book each layer goes in depth so you get a feel of the era Perry makes sure you get a flavour of how people were expected to behave and the conseuences if standards slip Both sides rich and poor had their own badge of honour This is a marvellous read and keeps you guessing till the end A book you want to re read and leaves you wanting to read of her books

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Read & Download Bedford Suare â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Superintendent Thomas Pitt becomes suspicious when a man found dead outside a general's home is discover. The author should have spent far less time repeating ad nauseam the turmoil misery and puzzlement of the blackmail victims their families and friends and the detectives on the case and far time moving the action along and providing some basis for the eventual climax and resolution As it is the exposition and rising action go on with very little revelation for than 34 of the book At about the half way point the reader can figure out the identity of the blackmailer though it remains a mystery to the characters When something finally does happen one obvious answer to the incident is conveniently ignored Then at the very end of the book when from out of left field the purpose of the blackmailing is at last exposed the reader says Huh Then the uick and easy finale and basta This could have been an entertaining story The writing itself is good except for the endless repetition of the characters emotions the characters are varied interesting and well drawn and the plot had a lot of unrealized potential Where was the editor The audio narration is excellent and was probably the only thing that kept me from giving up